Nicholas Berry decided to go the self-publishing route with the recent release of his novel, Epidemic Victus Cadaver.

The story entails a lone survivor in a zombie infested rural society who has become a prisoner in his own home. The undead surround his house as a horde. Knowing that he’s inside, they constantly attempt to gain entrance by tearing at the barrier between themselves and their meal, issuing forth a constant moaning that sends the survivor into insanity. Written as a journal, the reader bares witness as the survivor’s mental state slowly deteriorates until it reaching a climactic conclusion.

“I wrote this book because I’ve always been a lover of the zombie genre,” says Berry. “But I felt like the zombie narrative had become too action based. I wanted to bring zombies back to being scary. I wanted to try something different to infuse my own type of terror into a genre that has become so popular. I think I’ve succeeded in that.”

Berry chose to self publish because he wanted to retain control of the entire project. “I feel that it’s up to me to promote and market the book, and that my efforts will either lead to success or failure, to becoming an author or just another writer. I’m fine with both, but I would definitely prefer the former.”

Epidemic Victus Cadaver is being published by Lulu and sells for $11.50 per copy. However, it will also soon be available at,, and the Barnes and Nobles website for the same price.

“At the moment, I’m also attempting to go to my local stores to ask if they would help support a local author and stock my books,” says Berry. “Because I’m self publishing I don’t have access to the distribution channels of a New York publisher. So I’m doing all of the promoting and marketing for the book myself.”

You can learn more about Berry’s novel and order directly here: Epidemic Victus Cadaver

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