Severed Press has released Epidemic Of The Undead: A Zombie Novel by P.A. Douglas in both paperback and digital editions.

Description: When the dead suddenly decide to not stay dead, this unexplained epidemic turns the world upside down overnight causing everything to come to a grinding halt. For Chris Commons and his folk band of friends, tour is definitely canceled. No more shows! Several States away from his family, Chris struggles to keep his sanity while hoping to make his way back home. After the sudden death and resurrection of his cousin and fellow band mate, Chris changes gears eager to simply just stay alive!

About The Author: P. A. Douglas is a full time solo singer-songwriter, husband, Christian, writer, author, graphics designer and web developer who tours for a living. His hobbies are gardening, canning his garden veggies, free hand embroidery cross stitch and taking care of his dog (who happens to be named after a pirate). He likes scary movies of all kinds from the early 1980’s era, Dr. Pepper and Hungry Howie’s Pizza. He lives in a van with his wife and dog.

You can pick up a copy through Amazon here: Epidemic Of The Undead

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