We had a reader drop us a note this week and ask if it was possible to send out an email each day with a list of the post titles so she could quickly and easily decide if there was something she didn’t want to miss. It is possible. It’s also a little more time consuming and adds to our expenses. However, I didn’t want to dismiss it without first asking our readers if this would be something of interest.

Here’s how it would most likely work:

You’d sign up to receive the notifications. And everyday we’d send you a relatively short email listing that day’s post titles and perhaps a short paragraph where warranted explaining the substance of the post. We’d also need to include some sort of relevant ad just to help keep the expense down.

And we’d most likely have you select either an html format, which can include images and looks much more professional, or a straight text format.

So, let us know if this is something you’re interested in receiving and if there are enough positive responses we’ll give it a go.


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