Tomislav Tikulin Art PosterCemetery Dance Publications reports that Scribner has only printed 2,250 copies of The Talisman and 2,660 copies of Black House, which are tremendously low print runs for a Stephen King trade edition. Cemetery Dance has purchased 400 of those copies, so there will only be 400 of their slipcased sets ever produced for collectors. (In fact, CD’s order took the last copies of Black House that Scribner had in their warehouse, which means they won’t be filling any other retailer orders at this point.)

2) Scribner raised the price of each hardcover to $40 right before publication, but Cemetery Dance is not changing the price of this set, making it an even better deal! ($80 retail value for the two books.)

3) The Tomislav Tikulin Art Poster, which you can see above, is rolling at the printer. ($29.95 retail value.)

4) Cemetery Dance’s custom-made Limited Edition Slipcase, which will feature custom hot-foil stamping and the high production values of their previous Stephen King slipcases, should be completed in the next 8 to 10 weeks, and these sets will ship at that time. ($25 retail value for the slipcase.)

5) Cemetery Dance only have a handful of sets left to sell for just $99 plus shipping and then this collectible set will be SOLD OUT forever.

You can still order the set here: The Talisman & Black House

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