Zombies & Cigarettes, the highly acclaimed Award Winning horror comedy short, directed by Rafa Martinez, is now available for viewing on eerieTube.com.

Winner of twelve prestigious awards to date, including Best Foreign Film, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography, Zombies & Cigarettes takes place inside of a popular mall in Spain where a deadly virus is set loose. A young man, Xavi, and the girl of his dreams, Carol, are plunged into a desperate battle for survival when the couple finds themselves under attack by a horde of human flesh eaters.

“This short is one hell of a fun ride for any zombie fan!” says eerieTube creator and producer Mike Costanza. “Rafa Martinez is an incredible filmmaker and his foray into the zombie genre is both terrifying and hilarious!”

Visitors may view Zombies & Cigarettes by selecting “eerie Originals” on eerieTube.com. EerieTube provides disturbing and gruesome original horror and sci-fi content plus reviews of the latest games, movies, and comic book releases. “eerie Originals” showcases all new content and Award Winning shorts as part of the ‘tube‘s commitment to bring fans the best horror and sci-fi content from across the globe.

You can view this very nicely done film online here: Zombies & Cigarettes

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