One Writer’s Journey is currently running an interview with E.F. Watkins, author of One Blood.

Description: Disgusted with his long, bloodthirsty existence, Jon Sharpay discovers a fresh challenge – the last living descendent of the arch-enemy who nearly destroyed him a century ago. He travels from New York City to Princeton University to hunt down Kat Van Braam, a curator at the university’s art museum. But Sharpay is also being hunted, by two men: one determined to avenge the death of his pregnant young wife, the other a foreign agent out to recruit Sharpay’s paranormal skills for an international crime organization. When Sharpay meets the brilliant and beautiful Kat, his plans for her expand beyond mere revenge. Kat is also drawn to ‘Dr. Sharpay,’ the mysterious Eastern European scholar, until she learns his true nature and identity. She fights his enslavement of her will and vows to succeed where her ancestor failed – to keep this creature from ever harming anyone else. But will Kat be undone by her own ‘sympathy for the Devil’?

In response to a question about whether writing violent or highly sexual scenes bothers her, Watkins says: “It does, to some degree. I don’t get any rush out of writing extreme violence; I kind of steel myself and think, Okay, this has to be nasty to have any impact, so let’s do it. Even so, I don’t rub the reader’s nose in it, as some horror writers do — I leave a lot to the imagination. I do the same with sex scenes, although at least they’re more pleasant. I get things going and then just suggest the rest. After all, I’m trying to express the culmination of the relationship, not just body parts coming together. Very graphic sex scenes are all pretty much the same, I think, and you can lose the individuality of the characters and their feelings.”

You can read the interview in it’s entirety here: E.F. Watkins

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