Dry BonesDry Bones is a feature length horror comedy in the tradition of such popular 1980s films as Fright Night and House. The film is written and produced by Gregory Lamberson, who is responsible for the cult classic Slime City and its sequel Slime City Massacre. The film will be directed by Michael O’Hear, an actor who appeared in Slime City Massacre and Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast (which Lamberson produced). It will star cult actress Melantha Blackthorne, who has a strong following in genre circles.

Dry Bones tells the story of Drew, a troubled man who returns home after 35 years only to discover that the creature he imagined living under his bed is real. Worse, it’s a succubus, and it’s been waiting all these years for Drew to come home and release it. As several frightening and hilarious situations and dehyfrated corpses pile up, Drew comes to realize that the succubus is impersonating several of the key people in his life. The story builds to an outrageous climax that will leave viewers laughing and screaming.

Although Gregory Lamberson hopes to raise most of the necessary funding through traditional investors (he has two-thirds
of the $12,000 he needs pledged), he’s also started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the remainder of the budget. This isn’t the route he would normally go, but so many projects which are never even completed do quite well with this type of “crowdsourcing,” and his projects are always completed and distributed, so it’s not an avenue he can afford to ignore this time out. IndieGoGo basically allows people to make small donations to a project.

Lamberson has selected the “Flexible Spending” model, which means they keep the money raised whether they reach their full $3,000 goal or not, minus IGG and Paypal fees. Lamberson promises not to inundate people with donation requests, but IGG instructs campaigners to begin with friends and family, and he at least wants to make sure that everyone is aware of the campaign (and anyone who wants to be involved to a greater degree knows how to reach him).

Even if you can’t donate, you can help him out by “liking” the Dry Bones page on IndieGoGo. The film will be finsihed shooting in May, and will be finsihed entirely by fall.

On a micro-budget film like Dry Bones, the majority of the creators, cast and crew are volunteers who are donating their time because they strongly believe in the project. Those who are paid are professionals who do this kind of work for a living. Expenses include set construction; special make-up effects; art direction; costumes; equipment rentals; gas money; and food (an 18 day shoot will require at least $1500 for food alone); footage must be stored on an external hard drive; and money will be required for film festival submission fees when the film has been completed.

Check it out on IndieGoGo: Dry Bones

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