D. Harlan Wilson’s Dr. Identity (Farewell To Plaquedemia) was released by Raw Dog Screaming Press in March of this year. This is a follow up post. Description: Raw Dog Screaming Press is proud to announce the release of D. Harlan Wilson’s first novel, Dr. Identity, or, Farewell to Plaquedemia. Extending the themes developed in his short story collections, Wilson once again straps on a state-of-the-art jetpack to propel us into the realm of the irreal, where absurdity reigns supreme and readers are subjected to a pop culture apocalypse. In this gritty technoir, capitalist technologies have spiraled out of control, inducing willful idiocy and media worship in the “Amerikan” people, who worry more about fashion statements than the prospect of death. Dynamically written and brazenly psychotic, Dr. Identity shows us the flip side of the human condition — which, in the end, emerges as an unmistakable representation of our own fleeting reality.

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