Owen Keehnen has just released his horror novel Doorway Unto Darkness (Dancing Moon Press $15).

Description: a psychological slaughterhouse of horror. A grisly tale of possession, murder and vengeance that transcends time. This is the story of Michael Rogers, whose dull life grows suddenly complicated when a spirit – Mel, a merciless killer – takes up residence in his body. After each carnage, Mel vanishes and Michael returns to face the grisly scene.

Told in journal format, the novel traces Michael’s mental and moral deterioration. His world is one of confusion and dread. As the plot unfolds and the body count rises, clues emerge that reveal Michael’s ancestral history with Mel.

Doorway Unto Darkness is a gripping, brutal, gore-choked read that is sure to have you looking over your shoulder, checking the locks on the doors, and looking a bit closer in the mirror.

“I wrote Doorway Unto Darkness because I really like to be scared,” says Keehnen. “Nothing compares. I love that chemical rush. I may even be addicted to it. So anyway when I sat down to write the novel I basically wrote the gruesome, relentless, twisted, and atmospheric sort of gore fest that I love to read. I’ve written books before, but this one completely drew me in – to a frightening degree. The voice of Michael and certain segments came so easily it was almost as if I was channeling the text – which if you’ve read the book is a very creepy thought indeed.

“I don’t know what it says about me to admit to the readers of Hellnotes that writing a surreal psychological slasher novel came so easily, but that’s the truth of it. I suppose the results are what matters. I am really thrilled by the positive response it’s received. Word is definitely out. It’s funny though once you start writing horror and have one very twisted book under your belt you start to get a little more room when you pass people on the sidewalk, but that’s okay. I live in Chicago so the extra room is much appreciated.”

Readers can purchase a signed (and even personalized) copy of Owen Keehnen’s novel at Amazon here: Doorway Unto Darkness. And you learn more by joining the Doorway Unto Darkness fanpage on Facebook.

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