After The ShockWhat happens after Doomsday? International bestselling author Scott Nicholson is launching a new post-apocalyptic thriller series with After: The Shock.

Massive solar storms have wiped out the world’s technological infrastructure and killed billions. As the few survivors struggle to adapt, they discover that some among them have changed.

“Like most everyone else, I’ve suffered a little Doomsday Fever,” Nicholson said. “This series is a blend of all my roots, from thriller to horror to science fiction. There’s even a romance. But it’s also – I hope – an important message of transformation, because that’s critical right now, given the sick state of this planet.”

The After series is planned as a trilogy. Nicholson is currently writing the second book, along with a prequel novelette that will be made free for all ereaders. He’s also opening up the After fictional universe to fan fiction and collecting the best work to publish in a charity anthology.

“The anthology is a chance for newer writers to benefit from whatever editing skills I have, and I want to contribute the proceeds to a non-political peace organization,” Nicholson said. “I don’t believe in Doomsday. I believe in a better day, and I want to work for that. If you want to dream along, you’re invited.”

Nicholson has had a number of Top 100 Kindle bestsellers, including five in the United States, three in Germany, and two in both Italy and the United Kingdom. His Fear series is published by Amazon’s Thomas & Mercer, while the bulk of his catalog is self-published. To learn more about the series and to submit After fan fiction, visit: After

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