Donald M. Grant reports that The Little Sisters Of Eluria has been printed but is not yet bound. The foil stamped traycases and slipcases are not yet ready. They hope that all will be ready to allow shipping in mid-December.

In addition, they have a special offer which includes the Artist Edition of The Dark Tower Vii along with the The Talisman/Black House Limited Signed Gift Edition for a special price of $165.00 plus $8.00 shipping surcharge. This is a saving of $60.00 over buying these books separately.

They still have about 325 numbered copies which are below num-ber 1,500 and have been reserving them for people who want to match their Dark Tower VII number. If you have a DT VII Deluxe but have not yet gotten the matching Talisman/Black House set please contact them and they’ll check if they still have your number available. For more information: Dark Tower VII

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