DisorderedMinds2_3125Disordered Minds
By: Paul S. Huggins
Published on August 11th, 2014

Reviewed by: Catherine Bader

Great title for six great stories!  These tales will have you questioning what’s real and what’s not.  How far does the human mind go before the humanity is lost and delusion, horror, maniacal dysfunction – and murder most foul – take its place. Places where the human soul dissipates in a cloud of dust.  These tales will take you out of the realm of humanity – hold on to your seat.

Starting with To My Dearest Mother, the author takes you into another state of mind – somewhere human beings should not go. It begins as a writer seeks a solitary place to write – to get his creative juices flowing.  He takes a trip to a beautiful, secluded area in which he had attended a funeral in years past. He rents a house. What does he find there? Well, you don’t think I’ll tell you, do you?  Just remember, the mind is a terrible thing to overuse – losing control is not a pretty thing.

Next, Crowded Out.  May I say from the start that this one hit me straight between the eyes? Personal to say the least.  But I have never told my story with such terrifying accuracy.  Incredible reading.  If you have this phobia – be very afraid.

Pushed or Jumped. Ah-ha.  Be careful to be polite, no matter what.  Be careful to keep your temper, no matter what. Temper can be a most gruesome thing, untended.  People can lose their temper over some of the silliest things.  Just remember, what’s silly to you isn’t always silly to others.  And this story is no laughing matter.  Enjoy it.

The Hanging Garden. When you think of a hanging garden – well, you think of one of the world’s wonders (Hanging Gardens of Babylon) and you think of green grass, beautiful trees, lovely flowers….   Don has a favorite place to go that surpasses all expectations of beauty. The only trouble he’s had over time – it seems to be a place of suicides – hangings.  (Hanging Gardens…..?)  Sorry, my pun.  You will find this story dreadfully satisfying.

A Batchelor’s End.  Gerald is going to his bachelor’s party, which means he’s getting married soon!  But right now, he’s sadly lost. Can’t find his way around in a paper bag.  But he finally sees a beautiful mansion out in the boonies and presupposes that this is where his party is to be held.  Wow, he thinks – what a place.  When you’ve got a lost bachelor, a gorgeous mansion, the dark of night – all these things should start your brain thinking.  This is, of course, a horror story……

Last, but not least, Duality.  The death of his mother brings a young man to an old village in an out of the way place.  He wants to see where she grew up and to find his roots.  When he gets there, he finally learns the story of his legacy. But he is shocked by the results and so will you be…….

Per a short biography, Paul S. Huggins comes from the United Kingdom in the county of Suffolk.

A quote:  ….Paul was “…scared to death at an early age by a movie called ‘Dawn of the Dead’…”

‘Nuf said.

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