Enid, Oklahoma author Dennis McDonald will sign copies of his new novel Ebon Moon from 7-10 p.m. on Saturday, December 4th at Hastings.

Description: Savage terror waits under a darkening moon.

Seeking to escape her abusive husband, Blake, Jessica Lobato and her five-year-old daughter Megan flee Chicago and hide in the small town of Hope Springs, Oklahoma. It’s a quiet community of softball games, weekend cookouts, and Sunday meetings. There’s just one drawback.

Something bestial emerges when the moon is full.

Unexplained events are occurring that the town’s residents have yet to connect. Twenty-three-year-old single mother Michelle Carlson vanishes without a trace. Jasper Higgins is under suspicion for the death of his wife Emma; he claims she was dragged from their home by the Beast of Revelation. Rocky, the Olson’s trusty hound, disappears from the family farm; Sam Olson discovers the dog’s mutilated body the next day. There’s definitely a beast on the loose.

Now that beast craves little Megan’s flesh during the total eclipse of the moon. Jessica is about to learn there are worse things to fear in the night than a murderous husband.

“The Last Trick or Treater” From McDonald’s collection, 13 Nightmares, has been adapted into a short film by Next Monkey Horror films in Tulsa. Just released on DVD, the film has been accepted by the Trail Dance Film Festival in Duncan for a showing in January.

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