Demons, Dolls, and MilkshakesDemons, Dolls, and Milkshakes


Written by Nelson W. Pyles

Published by Post Mortem Press

List Price: Paperback, $16.00; Kindle Edition, $4.99

Reviewed by Mary Genevieve Fortier 

Looking to delve your demonic loving teeth into something truly unique? Well, dear readers, Demons, Dolls, and Milkshakes is all you’ll need to satiate that hunger for a bit of the masterful macabre. Nelson W. Pyles, the host of the popular podcast, “The Wicked Library” (on Society 13 Podcast Network) and horror writer extraordinaire, has delivered to the world his first novel, although you’d never know it. He has created clever characters with persistent perfection. From the very first page, you are hooked and on a ride you won’t soon forget. Pyles, has crafted Demons as you’ve never imagined; he does not skimp on scares my friends, he entices with intense moments of bloody horror, adding just enough witticism to keep you turning every page in squeamish delight. This is the type of story you’ll want to grab a beverage – (a milkshake perhaps), get comfortable and prepare to hold its binding tightly, ‘til you’ve finally closed its cover; realizing the fact you had forgotten to breathe through several relentless passages.

Pyles, knows how to write on the human level, to touch you and scare the hell out of you all in one smooth move, all the while using his wicked wit; that many times reflects the reader’s knee jerk reaction. The main character, a demon named Stitch, makes his debut appearance on the front cover, giving a glimpse into the imaginative mind of this ingenious author. It is my understanding that the inspiration and personage of this most notable novel is not only the creation in the mind of Mr. Pyles, but the actual “creation.” Yes, Stitch was indeed stitched by the author! As a bit of trivia for those who will be fans – which I’m sure anyone who decides to read this ditty will surely be – Pyles sent “Stitch” to be photographed professionally before publication. Well, dear readers beware; there is a demon loose among us! Stitch escaped in transit! Yes, you read that correctly. The little demon has gone AWOL! This ought to keep you checking beneath your feet as you read, adding to the creep factor this novel provides.

I beseech you, pick this one up! You’ll not find anything quite like it anywhere. Let’s keep our demon digits crossed we’ll be seeing another novel from Mr. Pyles very soon.

And please, Stitch, wherever you are for the sake of us all – “Go home.”

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