The Delirium Insider has a new, darker look. Along with the new makeover, they’ve added:

1. New Polls. Check out the lefthand column for the latest polls. Take part with the Delirium community, as your feedback will be used to help shape the future of Delirium, down to the production values of the books to the authors that will be signed.

2. Print Capability. If you look at the upper lefthand corner of every page, there is a print icon (the middle icon between the ‘Home’ button and the ‘E-mail’ button. You can now print out any page you’re on and get a crisp, clean printout to read off-screen. This is for those of you who find it hard on the eyes to read online, or don’t care to read sites with a black background. The printed page has a white background.

Check it out: Delirium Insider

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