Shane Ryan Staley, Editor-In-Chief of Delirium Books has posted his vision for the publishing company for the comming years. “I’ve spent the last two weeks evaluating the future of Delirium. And implementing changes that I feel will strengthen the company,” he says. “There has been an immense impact of the economy on our niche market and you’ll notice print runs decreasing. Not only due to the economy, but also due to my focus on making Delirium’s trade paperback line a primary focus of this press, as well as creating limited edition hardcovers that will increase in value for collectors.”

He adds: “In 2009, my focus is to produce 1 title per month that will be printed in a small run of limited hardcovers (generally 150 copies) and trade paperback simultaneously. The Delirium paperback book club will receive each title as their monthly selection. The Delirium hardcover subscribers will receive their monthly limited edition of that title. In addition to the title per month, I plan to go ahead with the X-series (6 titles per year) produced as 100-copy limited edition hardcovers only (no paperbacks).

“The Dark Essentials Series, HC Chapbook Series, Ultra Series, Corrosion Press and Dimension House have all been put on the back burner.

“Delirium’s trade paperback line has grown considerably over the past several months. Distribution is slowly expanding into chain stores and into the UK starting in August. Delirium’s focus on one title per month will allow me to market each title considerably better to help grow production and distribution.”

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