The next Delirium Chat takes place on February 7th from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm and features Mike Bohatch. A professional illustrator for many years, Mike’s work can be found today in numerous publications and CD packages worldwide. Recognized in the industry for his unique perspective in the horror / fantasy genre, Mike has also created his realized images for film, publishers, comics, video, music, advertising and web design. Mikes current projects include Movie title design, DVD authoring, film concept work, DVD art & poster design.

Delirium has launched the pilot episode of its new podcast called Everything Must Perish. EMP is an irregular series that features apocalyptic fiction by some of the finest authors working in the horror genre. This podcast is narrated by Mark Justice. EMP#1 features the story “Iniquities At Her Feet” by Bryan Eytcheson. You can download each episode or play it right there on the site. Check it out: EMP

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