Delirium Books will be launching an aggressive new campaign to promote its trade paperback line. While the trade paperbacks will be available and sold through the major chain stores, Delirium will now be offering them direct through its new paperback book club.

Beginning this fall, the paperback book club will feature its first release, The Bleeding Season by Greg F. Gifune. Thereafter, Delirium plans to release a paperback per month through 2008. Plans are to continue the trade paperback line and book club past 2008, but this decision will be based on sales.

Only the featured titles will be shipped in the book club. Each month there will be a single featured title that ships. Delirium will be announcing and publishing other paperback titles that will not be covered under the book club, such as Corrosion Press titles and other Delirium titles, primarily short story collections. For the most part, the book club will feature novels with an occasional collection.

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