New DVD label The Weird World of Wibbell (the cult movie arm of UK indie distributer Wibbell Productions) has announced that the long awaited DVD release of it’s British comedy-horror film The Vampires of Bloody Island is expected before Christmas in the UK, USA, Canada and Ireland. The exact dates for each territory will be declared within the coming weeks.

The Vampires of Bloody Island, starring Pamela Kempthorne as Vampire Noblewoman Morticia de’Ath, Leon Hamilton as her zombie servant Grunt and Oliver Gray as eccentric English demon hunter Professor Hans Van Rental, is set on a fictional island off a remote part of the English coast called Bloody Island, where the locals fear for their lives as every night they lock their doors and hang-up fresh garlic to protect themselves from “Vampires and werewolves … and virgins!”

Filled to it’s rotting rafters with creepy comical characters, weirdly witty dialogue and eerily disturbing Hammer Horror-like locations, The Vampires of Bloody Island is a laugh packed send up of every vampire film you’ve ever loved and a must-have for your DVD collection.

In anticipation of the imminent release, Wibbell are giving away five free copies of the The Vampires of Bloody Island on DVD signed by the lead star and the director. In addition to this the gothic retailer, Vampire Shop, has also promised to add an additional surprise mystery free gift.

To enter the free prize draw just go to Bloody Island. A free copy of The Vampires of Bloody Island on DVD and surprise bonus gift could be yours!

In the meantime, here’s the trailer …

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