Hey you. Writer guy. Yeah, you; over there in the back. Actionhorror.com wants to publish your short stories and flash fiction (anything in between 100-5000 words). We aren’t paying money (sorry), so this will be a for the love sorta thing. But if you have a story that sits on the cross roads of action and horror we’d love to put it up and provide you with some link love. Flavors of scifi, fantasy, steampunk, mystery, and whatever other genre you care to add would be awesome: but the story must be actionhorror. Ongoing Submissions: Action Horror

Stephen King loves scaring people, but a curious university student couldn’t resist trying to find out what scares the horror master. “Spiders, snakes … my mother-in-law,” the writer said with a grin. The admission came when the author of international bestselling books including Carrie and The Shining came to University of Massachusetts Lowell to talk to writing students. Horror writer reveals scare tactics

Rock star and movie director Rob Zombie has sold The Lords of Salem, a novel based his upcoming horror movie by the same title. Novelist B.K. Evenson will help write the book, based on Zombie’s script for the film about “a nightmarish world where the sins of Salem are paid for in today’s blood.”

If, like me, you’re looking for tips on how to write a horror story that will scare the bejesus out of your readers, then I recommend reading Talia Vance’s aptly named article, Writing Scary. Writing Horror: What Makes A Story Scary?

It did not surprise author Stephen King in the least when, during a recent conference call with reporters, the first question asked was how he would do things differently if starting his writing career today. (It’s a popular theme to ask him to compare his past life to a hypothetical current or future one, he explained later.) King, 65, and the author of more than 50 books of horror, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy, began his answer by saying, “First of all I’d have to imagine myself starting young instead of in my mid-60s. That would shorten my career considerably!” Stephen King unafraid to tell his tales at UMass Lowell

I’ve always felt out of place as a horror writer, and now that I’ve entered Pitch Wars the feeling has been personified. Like a million times. Pitch Wars was designed with YA in mind, but apparently MG and Adult entries have swarmed the place worse than a plague of locusts. I asked some of the mentors if they’d be interested in adult horror submissions. Thankfully one of them said they would love to see some adult horror. I decided to give the contest a go. One of These Things is Not Like the Others

A retired U.S. Air Force Officer turned a childhood dream of writing about fierce, creepy characters into reality, with two published horror novels. TG Arsenault will sign copies of his latest book, Bleeding the Vein, this weekend in Macedon and Brockport. Chili Man Puts New Twist on Legend in Latest Horror Novel

As we begin this journey our first introduction to the characters takes place in New Orleans, where we meet twin brothers Kevin and Warren Palmer. They’ve traveled there for a wedding, temporarily leaving behind their hometown of Los Angeles. Warren, a well-balanced man, teacher, father and lover of poetry, has the future in mind and his own agenda to attend to once time has presented itself. Warren is an open minded man, willing to entertain many different ideas that Kevin believes to be nonsense, and entertain he does. See, Warren’s decided he’s going to step fairly far from the box and consult a fortune teller. The Poe Consequence Review

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