The world of fantasy non-fiction rarely sees a release with as much hype as Mark Evan’s Spiriti Demonicia. Boasting a compelling and intricate tale, set deep in the heart of a fantasy world, many have awaited its launch with baited breath.

The adventure begins with Father Todd Amati. After welcoming a flesh-eating demonic clan into his village, destructing ensues with many villagers killed. Ridden with guilt and suffering the Vortices of Spleen Dreams, Amati begins a journey to see a one-eyed witch conical; meeting the Canting Wilmore along the way – a tree goblin who joins him to try and attain a golden purple-headed flower with awesome powers.

Those wanting to find out what happens next will need to buy the book. However, Evans ensures readers that they are in for the adventure of a lifetime.

“I introduce the reader to lots of characters in the early stage of the book” Evans explains.

He continues, “It’s all about slowly building tension, right from the very beginning and then revealing the true personality of each character; exposing them from all angles.”

Critics are praising Spiriti Demonicia for the numerous unexpected plot twists. Evan’s worlds are explained and explored with great intricacy, adding a unique depth which is often overlooked within the fantasy non-fiction genre.

“It is a world of intrigue, ambition and magic as well as one of honour, strength and myth. Not all parties are what they seem and nothing is quite what you would expect as it breaks from the usual fantasy conventions” Evans adds.

Aimed at readers from 13-75 years, the book was constructed to appeal to wide range of audiences.

In fact, the initial response to the book has been so popular that Evans already has a sequel pencilled into his schedule, along with the planned release of two new children’s books this coming Summer.

However, in the meantime, those with a natural thirst for Romance, Humor, Poetry, Horror, Magic, Thriller, Intrigue, and Fantasy are urged to buy the book.

Upon its release, Spiriti Demonicia will be available in the United Kingdom from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones and WH Smith in hardback, paperback and electronic formats.

Publication within the U.S market is being managed by Trafford.

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