Odd Hours by Dean Koontz is scheduled to appear in bookstores in paperback on April 28th. “Odd Thomas seems to me not a character whom I created, but instead a gift given to me,” says Koontz. “His voice was fully formed, his mind entirely known to me, when he first walked onto a page. Usually, a character comes to life for me through the first few chapters of a story, but Odd was instantly there. In my daily life, I’ll see something amusing or curious – and will ask myself, would Odd have to say about that? As if he is real.”

You can keep track of Odd Thomas and his activities by visiting: Odd Thomas tv

Koontz’s original comic series, Nevermore, continues as issue #2 arrives in stores on March 25. Nevermore is the story of one man’s desperate attempt to bring back his wife, who died of brain cancer. Multibillionaire Robert Godric invents cross-time travel and discovers an infinity of parallel Earths. But when he and his team inadvertently encounter a hive-like race – the Hydra – they could risk the future of our human race.

About Issue #2: At what point does one draw a line in the sand? As the threat of the alien race known as The Hydra intensifies, Bobby Godric’s cross-time quest pushes both his undying love for his deceased wife Nora – and his relentless determination to bring her back into his life – far past the breaking point of human endurance. Can Team Nevermore save Bobby from destroying himself? Or will Bobby find hope somewhere among the infinite continuum of Earths?

You can order here: Nevermore 2

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