In his most recent entry on his website Dean Koontz has this to say about his biggest challenge as a writer: “I think the biggest challenge is not forgetting the purpose of what you do and not being distracted from fulfilling that purpose. I write suspense fiction, but it’s very emotional suspense fiction compared to a lot of what is out there. My work has a viewpoint and a philosophy of life. Sometimes, when you’re writing, you can get caught up in, ‘Oh, that would be a cool idea. I should do that. People would really like that, or if I did that with it, there’s a movie sale for sure.’

“You’ve got to stay away from that because I would call that scoping the market or putting the periscope up and seeing what everybody wants and then writing it. Stay true to the philosophy behind your work and what you believe about life. Don’t jump to those ideas that might make it more commercial or a project for the movies. The temptation is always there, so you always have to be on guard for it.”

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