If four men hired and kept a prostitute for their shared use, would that be a surprise? Perhaps not, but four women doing the same thing certainly would be and provided the inspiration for debut author Mary Firmin’s thrilling mystery Deadly Pleasures (published by iUniverse).

Receiving a five star review from ForeWord Clarion Review, Deadly Pleasures “combines the elements of romance and a murder mystery, resulting in a uniquely compelling cross-genre story.” (ForeWord Reviews, January 2012)

“I remember hearing about a group of men who paid for an apartment and shared time with a prostitute,” says Firmin. “I wanted to turn the tables and create a mystery around four women deciding to share a man of their own. Little did they know he was a suspect in a serial murder case.” Deadly Pleasures is set on the West Coast among the yacht clubbing wealthy, where four women find themselves intimately involved in a murder case, dubbed the “bondage murders.” The smooth-talking lover, the attractive detective and the four women all play a part in the unraveling mystery of who committed the heinous crimes that are discovered.

Hailed as “Sex and the City meets James Patterson” (BlueInk review, November 2011), Deadly Pleasures is the first novel by Mary Firmin. She won a Rising Star award for the book and has received accolades from Kirkus Reviews (November 2011), calling it a “swiftly paced tale of lust, seduction, duplicity and horror,” that “keeps the pages turning.”

Deadly Pleasures contains laughter, sadness, infidelity, excitement, love, and several gruesome murders,” says Firmin. “What more could anyone want?”

About the author: English born Mary Firmin was raised in Canada and taught dance and owned an Arthur Murray Studio. She moved to Santa Monica, California, where she married and raised three children. She obtained her real estate license and sold real estate for many years, while also writing a society column. She began writing for enjoyment and joined a writers group. She’s been writing since that time and loving it. Mary belongs to the Palm Springs Writers Guild, Palm Springs Women in Film and Television (PSWIFT), Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of America and is a former member of a Southern California yacht club.

You can pick up a copy on Amazon here: Deadly Pleasures

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