Untreed Reads has released Deadly Choices by Jennie Spallone, a thriller, for only $4.99 in a digital edition.

Description: One foggy November morning on Chicago’s West Side, paramedic trainee Beth Reilly faces a life or death choice that will put her own future in jeopardy. High on cocaine, her veteran paramedic officer slams their ambulance into a homeless, pregnant woman, forcing the woman into labor. Beth alone must decide who will live-the fetus fighting for life or the mother who is hemorrhaging to death. She can’t save them both.

Beth’s decision tests old friendships and creates new enemies. Her woman-hating boss tries to destroy her career. An ambitious prosecutor decides her trial is his ticket to a judgeship. A religious zealot treats her as a sacrificial lamb, diverting suspicion from the woman he loves. A handsome professor enters her life, but is the timing coincidental?

When one of her tormentors dies suspiciously, Beth realizes her choices have turned deadly.

Check it out: Deadly Choices

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