dead waterDead Water
Edited by Maynard Sims
Hersham Horror Books
Reviewed by Mario Guslandi

Writers, editors and publishers Len Maynard and Mick Sims (a British duo now calling themselves Maynard Sims) are coming back with a series of new projects and collaborations, much to the pleasure of their many fans.

This booklet (or mini-anthology, if you want), devoted to the subject of water as a dangerous and potentially lethal element, assembles five brand new horror stories.

Simon Bestwick contributes The Lowland Hundred, perhaps the best story in the volume; an atmospheric, eerie tale revisiting Welsh folklore in a horrific way.

A Night at the Lake by Alan Spencer is a dark piece where true love is being challenged by a lake’s creepy waters, while The Lucky Ones by David Moody is a vivid SF tale depicting how a teenager manages to escape from a secluded factory at a time when the world is at war, only to discover the truth of the matter.

In Daniel S. Boucher’s The Day of Black Rain, yet another SF piece, water becomes the carrier of disgusting black parasites ready to invade the world.

Finally, Maynard & Sims delight their aficionados with a new story, Silver, where a mischievous lake hosting deadly alien creatures provides the setting for a traditional piece of dark fiction.

An enjoyable little book for horror enthusiasts.

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