Jake Bible is set to release his 700 page paperback novel, Dead Mech. The book is touted as The World’s First Drabble Novel. A drabble is a short short story written using only 100 words. Not 99 words, not 101 words, but 100 words exactly. Bible has strung together a series of drabbles to create a long form fiction (Dead Mech) out of this micro-fiction style.

Description: “Hundreds of years after the zombie apocalypse decimates the world, human civilization has put itself back together again. Their secret weapon against the zombie hordes: the Mechs. Massive robotic battle machines.

But what happens when a mech pilot dies in his mech and becomes a zombie? Hell on earth is unleashed…

Prepare for a high action, fast paced, hell ride through a futuristic wasteland as Mech Base Commander James Capreze and his crew of mech pilots battle zombies, cannibals, religious cults and worst of all, the Dead Mechs, all to try and save the human race one last time.

You can order directly from his website here: Dead Mech

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