Dead Clown BarbecueDark Region Books has announced: from the author of Pressure, Dweller, and Wolf Hunt comes a new 90,000-word short story collection featuring twenty-nine stories and original cover artwork by Alex McVey. The stories within this collection range from hilarious to downright disturbing, proving that Jeff Strand is still a master of comedic horror. Seven of the stories (“Pett Semmuteary,” “Dummy,” “True Hero,” “Fangboy and the Troll,” “Stop Stabbing Me,” “Pregnancy Test,” and “Push the Button”) have never been published and were written just for this book.

Description: A man who finds a severed nose on a plate on his dining room table. A bell that can summon Satan (maybe). Casual Fridays at work that get out of control. A cheery outlook on the post-apocalyptic landscape. The final thoughts of a doomed skydiver. A girl punished by having to share a bed with her grandmother’s corpse. Revenge via baking a tarantula into a cake. A shocking look at where those awful computer-generated book covers come from. And the lost tale of Fangboy.

These are only a few of the demented stories in Dead Clown Barbecue, a collection of thirty gleefully macabre tales, seven of which were written just for this collection. There’s even a brand new one about a ventriloquist dummy. Those things creep you out, right? You’ll laugh. You’ll scream. Okay … you probably won’t actually scream, unless you already had issues before you started reading, but you might cringe and get a little spooked.

To help kick-off the book, Dark Regions will be throwing a live chat with Strand on Monday, December 17th at 8:00pm … Come One Come All to the Dead Clown Barbecue! Dark Regions will send you an email reminder if you sign up here: Live With Jeff Strand

The book will be officially available for preorder on Tuesday, December 18th.

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