It all began when David Moody published his horror novel, Autumn, online and racked up more than half a million downloads. When he published Hater, producer Mark Johnson (the Narnia films) and Guillermo del Toro (director of Hellboy 1 & 2, Pan’s Labyrinth) asked Moody for the rights to make it into a movie. Currently, the sequel, Dog Blood – the second book in his planned trilogy – is in bookstores.

Now, you can catch an interview with Moody on BCS Review.

In reference to his Autumn books Moody says, “Although they are at heart a traditional zombie series, the Autumn books have a number of major differences to most undead stories. Most obviously, the dead aren’t hungry for flesh – I’ve never been able to understand why something which doesn’t drink, sleep, go to the toilet or do anything else like that would need to eat? A second difference is that the bodies in the Autumn books (I never call them zombies) change throughout the series. They start off as dumb, reanimated lumps of meat. But as their physical shells decay, their conscience continues to return, so there’s a great paradox – creatures that are becoming physically weaker but mentally stronger. They’re able to react to the world around them more, but their reactions become increasingly vicious and uncontrollable. Finally, in Autumn you’re either living or your dead – there’s no infection being passed from person to person. I wanted to avoid the cliché that most zombie stories fall into when a key character gets bitten and becomes one of the living dead just at the wrong moment …”

You can catch the interview in its entirety here: David Moody

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