David B. Silva has begun to move some of his short stories to the Kindle. Currently, the following short stories are available:

The Calling The story of an adult son caring for his mother, dying from cancer. The last few days of the struggle, and the inevitable horror at the end. Won a Stoker Award in 1990.

Brothers A thunderstorm is coming, and it’s going to change Trey’s life. Dane and Trey are twelve-year-old twin brothers. Dane has always been the leader, the stronger of the two, the bravest. Trey has always been the follower, learning what he can from his brother, and doing his best to survive in the world. But things are about to change. And Trey’s entire world will turn upside down.

Dry Whiskey A son tries to reconnect with his father who gives up drinking after a mysterious accident. Made into a short film by Writer/Director Robert Budreau and Lumanity Productions.

Dwindling There are mysterious changes going on around twelve-year-old Derrick. First, his sister, Sarah, goes missing. Then other members of his family, one by one. And all the while, a deep and profound sadness has settled over his mother as she wishes she could go back in time and start raising a family all over again.

Ice Sculptures What begins as a winter retreat to explore various artistic mediums in the high natural environment of Eagle Peak, ends tragically as environmental forces come together in a “revolution of nature.”

A Time To Every Purpose When Jeremy Taft schedules a meeting with an old childhood acquaintance, it seems he wishes to unburden himself of the guilt from a past tragic event that caused the death of a young schoolmate. But instead, all the unanswered questions from that incident are brought to the surface, and the two men suddenly find themselves as allies, desperately trying to save a girl from the past from a long-ago wrong.

Check them out.

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