Mark Fuson’s new werewolf horror novel Darwinism (published by iUniverse) has been released in three editions: hardcover, paperback, and digital. The book takes readers into a typical American town with a population problem: werewolves are moving in and threatening to take over.

Description: Darwin Foster has become a werewolf, and with each passing day his bloodlust is growing. A battle is raging inside the new werewolf. Visions from a dark realm inside his mind tell him that eating the flesh of man is unavoidable. Darwin resists his urges only through fear of losing control and harming the only person he truly cares for.

Though Darwinism is a horror story at heart, Fuson also wants readers to find the message beneath the gore. “I want readers to have fun … it’s entertainment!” he says. “I also want readers to realize that how we treat others does affect them over the long run.” Darwinism assures horror fanatics who are looking for classic horror themes that there will be plenty to take away from his story, but he also wants to prevent uninitiated horror readers from turning away – so he injects an important message in the subtext.

“Bullying and homophobia may seem minor but the cumulative aspects of this abuse drive many to kill themselves,” says Fuson. “Darwinism may … be entertainment designed to scare and sicken – but it’s also designed to remind people that shipping people away because they were ‘undesirable’ has a historical precedent – and we should never forget that.”

You can check it out on Amazon here: Darwinism

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