DarlingBad Moon Books has announced the release of Darling by Brad C. Hodson, a new tale of dark horror available starting today, Friday, October 26th. The book will be available as a trade paperback edition.

Description: Raynham Place has been home to a number of mysterious occurrences. From its start as a battlefield through its time as a tuberculosis hospital and even in its current incarnation as an apartment complex, the grounds here have been awash in blood and instability. When two friends decide to move in to Raynham together, a wound that they share opens wide and threatens their sanity. But they’re not alone. Something is off here at Raynham, something that goes beyond the local legends of ghosts and serial killers and Black Hounds, something that gets inside of everyone who ever lives here. When a sacrifice is made, the first freely given in ages, the truth behind Raynham’s legends finally surfaces and the building fills to bursting with all the dreams of Hell…

About the Author: Brad C. Hodson is a novelist and screenwriter in Los Angeles. He bounces between horror and comedy with a few stops in between. He’s also the Administrator for the Horror Writers Association.

You can pick up your copy directly from Bad Moon Books here: Darling

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