Dark Wonders Press has released Mark Allan Reynolds’ horror collection, Dark Wonders, in a digital edition for only $.99. The collection is available at Amazon.com & Smashwords.com. Coming soon to Barnes & Noble.com and iTunes. It’s also available in trade paperback at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, and other online bookstores. $10.95.

Description: You are invited to enter a realm of unimaginable terror, a place of shadow and darkness, where a young boy searches desperately for his missing girlfriend who has disappeared from her grave … where a Halloween trick or treater brings an old man face to face with the monsters of his youth … where the new man on the job learns the secret to one truck driver’s special delivery … where redemption from evil comes from the most unlikeliest source … where two boys discover that cemeteries are for the dead – or are they? Let author Mark Allan Reynolds guide you through this realm of fear and dread as he delivers twenty-five bone-chilling tales guaranteed to make you squirm. These are his Dark Wonders.

“Most of the stories in Dark Wonders were written at a time when the term Flash Fiction hadn’t become the go-to phrase for very short stories,” says Reynolds, “and I enjoyed creating these tales – meant to entertain while not taking up a huge chunk of the reader’s time. While rough around the edges, I believe they share a unique voice and showcase my style of writing and the type of tales I enjoy telling.”

Twenty-five stories are included in the collection: Dark Wonders

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