The anthology, Dark Things II, edited by Ty Schwamberger, is now available for purchase.

Description: Embrace your dark side with this eclectic collection of horror stories. Murderers, haunted houses and a dabbling of the occult; devilish creatures, scuttling spiders and evil incarnate. Giddy doses of dark terror are spilled onto each page.

Drenched in the dark and dreary, this volume contains the following short stories:

  • “You’re Gonna Die” by Derek Muk
  • “Death Twitches” by Indy McDaniel
  • “The Weeper” by Tim Lewis
  • “The Devil’s Footprints” by Jack Horne
  • “Polarity” by David W. Landrum
  • “R.F.” by Mel Clayton
  • “The Old Man of Weevil Creek” by Adrian Ludens
  • “Doll’s House” by Lisa J. Marcado
  • “A Strange Turn of Events” by John Grover
  • “The Chevalier Sisters: A Tale of Voodoo” by C.J. Sully
  • “ROT-ROT-ROT” by A.J. French
  • “Now Playing” by George Wilhite
  • “Bug Boy” by Matt Kurtz
  • “Dummies” by Sean Graham
  • “The Interview Nobody Wants” by Scott M. Sandridge
  • “Delicious Morsels” by Piper Morgan
  • “The Welcoming” by Shane McKenzie
  • “Doubt” by Matthue Roth
  • “J.P. Gilman” by Adam P. Lewis
  • “Cutting Class” by Thomas A. Erb
  • “Yesterday’s Sins” by Joseph Mulak
  • “Pale in the Night” by Kurt M. Criscione

You can pick up a copy directly from the publisher here: Dark Things II or through here: Dark Things II The Anthology

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