Al J. Vermette reports the release of Dark Soul Rising in paperback.

Description: It is said that we all have a dark side; a part of us tucked away within the deepest part of our souls, always hidden from others. Is it just pure evil or the spark of violence and our inner inhibition dwelling just below the surface? For family man, Billy Page, that opening of the flood gates is just the catalyst for things to come. After the car wreck that almost took his life and the blow to his skull that put him in the hospital, Billy is at last going home. Home to his loving wife, Madison, and little girl, Patty, but little things in his personality start to change. The once loving husband and adoring father slowly loses himself to booze, women and a life in a sexual underworld that he had never known existed…until now. Yes, Billy Page has a new life where his untapped sexual urges reign supreme and suppressed anger rules his very soul. Madison can see the “Mr. Hyde” growing within him each day as she learns that its origins stem from the brain damage caused from the car crash. Is it too late now to save her lover from his self-made abyss: a life of darkness, drugs and an unquenchable compulsion for sex and violence that will lead him on a path to murder as his own family grows to fear him?

Vermette is the creator of Blood Moon Rising Horror Magazine and the author of Lycanthrope: Nature of The Beast. Discover more about his novel here: Dark Moon Rising

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