To celebrate the launch of the short story collection Cities of Night by Philip Nutman (Wet Work), ChiZine Publications (CZP) has announced Ania Bibulowicz’s “Dark Passenger” as the first prize winner of its Cities of Night Photo Contest. As part of the prize, Nutman wrote the short story “Dead Highways,” based on the photo.

“We’re thrilled by the turnout,” said CZP Co-Publisher Sandra Kasturi. “Not just the number of people who participated, but the quality of the work. We got just what we asked for: creepy, dark, disturbing. It shows there is definite crossover in the style and mood of both written and visual arts.”

Bibulowicz will receive 25 postcards with her photograph on one side and “Dead Highways” on the other, as well as a limited edition, signed hardcover copy of Cities of Night. The three runners-up – Maura McHugh, Dean Clayton Edwards, and Jeff Drake – will receive trade paperback copies of Cities of Night.

Postcards were handed out at a launch party in Decatur, Georgia, hosted by Nutman at the Alcove Contemporary Arts Gallery. CZP will also have 200 postcards to hand out at various events, readings, conventions and book launches (including its Spring 2010 launch on Thursday, June 3rd at the Augusta House, Toronto).

The contest began in mid-March with CZP looking for the “most subtle, creepy, evocative photo of your city — or any city — at night. One you can’t turn away from. One that tells a story.” Over four weeks, submissions were made via email, Flickr, and Facebook, with news of the contest spreading across the Internet, including a write-up in Fangoria. The response was so overwhelming, the contest deadline was pushed back three days. Out of 77 submissions, “Dark Passenger” was one of 10 finalists selected by CZP staff, with Nutman selecting the winner.

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