Dark Nights, the latest short story compilation by horror writer John Schweingrouber, is now available exclusively for e-readers. Dark Nights brings seven new short works to avid horror readers looking for a new twist to the genre.

“I love writing something unique and frightening. But why end there?” asks Schweingrouber. “I love to take what seems like a good ending for a short story and toss in a twist, something that the reader won’t see coming,” he adds. “I strive to transform a memorable story into an unforgettable one.” From the traditional monster in the closet to the vampire tennis player, and everything in between, Dark Nights offers a little something for every horror reader.

A short story compilation written to thrill and chill, Dark Nights leads the reader out to the edge in a series of “Twilight Zone” type of stories. From the supernatural and macabre to the real life crimes of passion, Dark Nights presents a set of twisted tales you won’t forget.

You can pick up a Kindle edition here: Dark Nights

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