Black Death Books has released the digital edition of Dark Highway by Dan Thomas for only $2.99.

Description: Dead End!

Fueled by high hopes and the words of motivational speaker Skip Forney, traveling salesman Tom Turley takes a road trip into Wyoming to close a deal that will salvage his self respect and save his cheesy, low-dog job – and winds up taking a wrong turn into hell! After a bloody encounter with serial-killer swingers, Tom wakes up from a dirt nap with a continually decomposing body, the entrepreneurial spirit, a craving for human flesh – and a taste for revenge.

But what’s a zombie to do with all eternity on his side? Re-inventing himself as a merger maniac with fangs, Tom becomes the King of Wall Street and proves that even death can’t stop a man from staking his claim (through the hearts of his clients) or greasing the wheels of the corporate machine (with blood).

Dark Highway is a lurid, humorous tale of zombie perseverance, hostile takeovers and world conquest, and invites you to take a horrifying, B-movie ride into the underbelly of one man’s demonized soul.

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: Dark Highway

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