Dark EntitiesDark Regions Press is offering the trade paperback of Dark Entities, a dark fiction collection by David Dunwoody, for only $6.50, a 50% discount.

Description: Hidden in the dark corners of our reality are the passages to spaces beyond. Is it there that unfortunate souls come face to face with the horrors that move silently about us in everyday life. Take a breath, take a chance, and turn the page…

David Dunwoody, the author of Empire, presents strange and chilling tales in which there is no escape to be found – only confrontation with the dark entities of the author’s imagination. Giant ghouls in a graveyard, rebellious demons chained eternally in Hell, ravenous shape-shifters on a lost island, and the specter of Death himself are awaiting you within the confines of this book to collect your soul. Join us. Take a chance, but will you survive?!

Lavishly illustrated by Tom Moran. This is the very first book in the New Voices of Horror series. The Deluxe edition will include two new stories which will not appear in the other editions, and one additional illustration by Tom Moran.

Trade Paperback: first 100 copies are signed by the author, 6″ x 9″, 12 point full color cover, 60lb. natural vellum stock.

You can order directly from Dark Regions here: Dark Entities

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