From the Press Release:

Dark Discoveries is launching a subscription drive, and with the drive we not only want to increase our current subscriber base, we also want to reward those individuals that have supported Dark Discoveries for the past several years.

Multi-award winning author, Lisa Morton, a long time HWA member and current Vice President of the HWA will be launching a new series this January, 2014.  Book one will be titled Netherworld.  For our current subscriber base (anyone with an active subscription as of October 31, 2013) we will be shipping a free ARC of Lisa’s Netherworld, included with the shipment of issue #25.  All you have to do to receive your free ARC of Netherworld, is ensure you have an active membership as of October 31, 2013.

But, don’t wait until the last minute to subscribe.  We also have some additional prizes to hand out.  We will have a drawing in the Months of August, September and October.  Each month, one subscriber will win a limited edition, autographed copy of Limbus, Inc.  Are you familiar with the book?  Take a look at this link and check it out.  It could be yours free, just for being a current subscriber, at the end of each month.  Sign up now and you will be included in the drawing for all three months.

Wow, is that it?  Could there be more?  Yes, there actually is more.  We will do the same drawing for the Only The Thunder Knows – East End Girls limited edition and also for the limited edition of Smog – Night of Eternal Baggage.  So, just by being a subscriber to DD you get the chance of winning one of three limited editions, every single month.  Are you interested in signing up yet?  Wait, that is not all.

In addition we will also being drawing a subscriber name, every single month, that will win, wait for it… a $50 Amazon gift card.  Holy moly, you could actually sign up for an annual subscription, and get it for FREE, and still have money left over.  It has to end, we can’t possibly do more, or can we.

Yes, we can.  We will also be giving away one free box of JS books.  Every book we have in stock.  Limited editions, paperbacks, whatever is on the shelves.  The entire current library that is in stock.  I can’t guarantee what that will be, but I can say it will be well over 30 books.  I will simply walk down the aisle and gab one of everything that is there, and ship it out. This drawing will be done at the end of October only.  A one time shot.  Anything and everything that is sitting on the shelf at that time.

Read the above carefully.  I can’t list all of these drawings again.  If you enjoy cash and or reading, this is a must for you.

The above contest is for annual or longer print subscriptions, with the exception of the Amazon gift card.  The Amazon gift card drawing is for everyone, including the e-book subscribers.  All of the above drawings will include international subscribers.

Let me know if you have any questions and tell your friends and family.  We want Dark Discoveries on the shelf of every horror fan between the ages of 13 and 126.  Sorry, if you are of the age of 127 or above it might be too risky to read some of the stories.

The purchasing option for annual subscriptions can be found at this link, at the bottom of the page for issue #24.  http://journal-store.com/fiction/dark-discoveries-issue-24/

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