Tuesday, July 29th – 7 pm – Lost Boys & Kinky Killers – Hans Rodionoff signing his comic series, Lost Boys: Reign of the Frogs (Issue #3; $3.50) and The Lost Boys: The Tribe (screenwriter DVD $27.95). Charles Durning (actor), Kenneth Del Vecchio (writer/producer), Brooke Lewis (actress/co-executive producer), Mark Belasco (actor/co-executive producer), Eric Etebari (actor) signing the horror film, Kinky Killers (DVD $19.99). Screenwriter Jeff Buhler signing & giving away Clive Barker’s Midnight Meat Train posters ($12 S&H)

Saturday, August 2nd – 2 pm – Aliens, Musicians & Spooks – Whitley Strieber and Craig Spector signing The Nye Incident (TPB graphic novel $18.99). Whitley will also be signing the paperback release of 2012 ($7.99). Ryan Schifrin signing the trade edition of his graphic novel series, Spooks Vol 1 ($18.99) and Spooks: Omega Team #0 (99¢). Composer Lalo Scifrin signing his book, Mission Impossible: My Life in Music (HB $35.) and many of his cds.

Sunday, August 3rd – 2 pm – Girls & Corpses – publisher Robert Steven Rhine, Kevin Klemm (The Ed Gein Collection), Illustrator Darren Frydendall, and models Faye Reagan, Brooke Brown & Brendah Budhram signing the summer issue of Girls & Corpses Magazine ($8.95). Cover model Charlotte Stokley and others to be announced signing the Girl & Corpses 2009 Calendar ($12.95)

Friday, August 8th – 7 pm – Sherrilyn Kenyon – Sherrilyn Kenyon signing her new novel Acheron (HB $24.95) along with many of her other books. When you purchase the book, you will get a number for your place in line. You may also bring in books for her to sign as long as the new book is purchased here.

Saturday, August 9th – 2 pm – Dead and Gone – Harry Shannon (writer), composer Harry Manfredini, Kathryn Bates (Frankie), Yossi Sasson (Director), Gillian Shure (Kate), Dan Crawley (makeup fx) and other guests to be announced.signing the new horror film, Dead and Gone (DVD $26.98). Harry will also be signing the novel, Dead and Gone (TPB $16.95).

Friday, August 15th – 7:30 pm – John Saul returns signing his new novel, Faces of Fear (HB $26) and The Devil’s Labyrinth (PB $7.99)

Saturday, August 16th – 2 pm – La La Land Records Presents – Kevin Manthie signing the scores to Justice League: New Frontiers (cd $15.98) & Batman: Gotham Knight (cd $15.98). Christopher Drake signing the cd to Batman: Gotham Knight (cd $15.98). Robert J. Kral signing the cds to Batman: Gotham Knight (cd $15.98) and Superman Doomsday (cd $15.98). Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter & Michael McCuiston signing the cds Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo (cd $15.98)

It’s all happening at Dark Delicacies, 4213 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505. 818-556-6660. Email. Website.

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