Damnation Books, a new ebook company, is set to launch in September 2009 with twenty five books. Damnation specializes in dark writing: horror, dark fantasy, thrillers, science fiction and erotica (within the genres of horror, dark fantasy, thrillers and science fiction) and will start out focusing on ebooks. Within the year, they plan to go into trade paperbacks with novel length and anthology works.

Plans are to hold a launch party at KillerCon in Las Vegas in September 2009. After the initial opening, they’ll release twelve new titles every three months.

Currently open for submissions, they’re looking for any dark fiction: horror, dark fantasy, thrillers, science fiction, paranormals and erotica (in dark fiction settings). Short stories, novellas and novel length works are wanted.

The pay rate for short stories is .03 cents per word with a max length of 10,000 words. Novellas and novel length works are royalty based at 40% net. They are unable to pay advances at this time. They ask for worldwide electronic and North American print rights for a three year period from the date of release. There will NEVER be any fees charged to authors. Reprints are fine so long as the work is out of print in any format anywhere and you have full rights returned to you.

For more submission guidelines, visit: Damnation Books

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