Damnation Books has released Andrew S. Fuller’s short story, The Circus Wagon, as an ebook for only $1.25.

Description: Christopher Epstein’s childhood memories of the old wagon have always been clouded and uneasy. Lurking in his grandmother’s backyard, buried in lore and surrounded by tragedy, the abandoned carnival antiquity seemed to wait for him every haunted summer.

Lately, he finds those nightmares returning, along with the helpless certainty that something more terrible has followed him out of the past.

“A few years ago, the foreboding shape of a circus wagon followed me out of a troubling dream,” says Fuller. “I wrote the scene from the nightmare, and tried over time to find the story surrounding it. It was always odd to me that I couldn’t recall attending more than one circus as a kid, and had never really seen one of these wagons.”

Here’s the trailer:

You can order the book directly from Damnation Books here: The Circus Wagon

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