Damnation Books has released Ken Goldman’s novella, Desirée. The book is available in pdf, Kindle, and print editions.

Description: Don’t Kiss Desirée Chapelle!

Yes, Desirée is beyond beautiful. Seductive even as a child, she seems every man’s erotic dream, a fantasy woman possessing charms that no man can resist. And therein lies the problem.

Because if you are a young man with bubbling testosterone you had better resist her. In fact, you should run like hell.

Whether it’s an innocent kids’ game of Spin The Bottle or a grope fest in the back of an old van, you would be wise to keep repeating … Don’t Kiss Desirée Chappelle!

But someone is wise to Desirée. Someone who knows her secrets and who has a very personal reason to uncover the truth no matter what it will take, no matter what it will cost.

Someone who knows she has to destroy her …

“At the root of my story lies the question: Just what will a man (or woman) sacrifice for love?” says Goldman. “Is love selfless or selfish? Hopefully, the reader will take from my novella that real love is, after all, an act which, much like Desirée’s symbolic kiss of death, both takes and gives at the same time and asks only one thing in return of its recipient: EVERYTHING!”

To purchase the ebook edition: $1.50

To purchase the Kindle edition: $4.50

To purchase the paperback edition: $9.26

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