Damage Inc.Damnation Books LLC has released the digital edition of Brett McKay’s Damage Inc.

Description: When Link Balsey, a young carpet cleaner falls head over heels for his customer Becca Falco, who’s married to a violent and abusive mob boss, she begs for his help to escape. Because of her husband’s underground connections, hiring Damage Inc., a supernatural company of hit men, is her only way out. Things turn upside down when the job is finished and Link becomes the cops’ lead suspect. To make matters worse, someone’s sent Damage Inc. after him! Now Link and Becca must find out who hired Damage Inc., run from the police and survive an onslaught of horrors come to life who will stop at nothing until he is dead.

Excerpt: The demon stepped out of the stairwell and scoped the hall. His eyes rolled back to whites, and his skull sucked them inside leaving empty, gaping sockets. With each hand, he opened the flaps of his long coat. What should have been his torso and waist was a dark expanse of space. It was a black, shadowy hole, a doorway of sorts.

Blue flames, the size of golf balls, floated out from within his coat. Hundreds of them streamed out from the black hole of his chest, and bounced in the air down the hall.

All at once the doors to every apartment on the floor flew open. The blue fire in the balls dimmed and finally diminished to reveal eyeballs. Hundreds of white eyeballs, with black pupils darting back and forth spread out and entered the rooms in search of Link.

In the tub, Link remained silent. He heard Kito step into the hall of the third floor and stop, but for five whole minutes he heard nothing. From what Link could tell Kito hadn’t taken a step. He pressed his ears to the deafening silence, hoping to hear a sound. A creak of the floor or the ruffle of a jacket would suffice, but there was nothing.

He tried to figure out what Kito was doing, but he was stumped. He must know Link was on that floor, and was simply waiting him out, and Link had a feeling that Kito could wait forever.

His ears caught the shifting of air; a whisper from outside the bathroom. It was too soft to be a voice, and too slow to be a shooting arrow or a dart. Whatever it was, it was in the bathroom, on the other side of the curtain. Link could make out a small shadow of what appeared to be a ball, bouncing in the air ever so lightly. It moved down to the furthest end of the curtain, found an open slit, and slipped in.

The eyeball moved toward Link, and locked onto his eyes. Link stared back in horrific awe. It was a detector of sorts to find him. He heard Kito moving now, marching down the hall.

You can pick up the Kindle edition for only $4.50 here: Damage Inc.

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