Cthulhu Unbound 3At long last Permuted Press has made Cthulhu Unbound 3 available for Amazon Kindle. This anthology features some rocking Cthulhu Mythos novellas from Cody Goodfellow, Tim Curran, David Snell, and David Conyers & Brian M. Sammons. Here you will find Lovecraftian cosmic horrors let loose and allowed to run wild and unbound.

Unseen Empire: A half-Comanche bounty hunter tracks his diabolical superhuman quarry across the Wild West and into a lost subterranean city of madness and living death beneath the Oklahoma badlands.

Mirrorrorrim: A desperate patient seeking answers in therapy sessions for self-mutilators discovers he is incomplete in ways he never could have imagined.

Nemesis Theory: A convict locked away in a maximum security prison has nothing left to fear, except the newest inmate: the man he murdered three years ago.

The R’lyeh Singularity: An Australian spy and a CIA operative join forces to uncover a global corporation plotting the new frontier of bio-weaponry research, using alien blood extracted from something lurking underneath the Pacific Ocean.

Right now Cthulhu Unbound 3 is a Kindle exclusive, but it does not mean you must own a Kindle device to read it -it can be read on the Kindle software for computers/smart phones as well as online via the Kindle Cloud Reader. The paperback book should be out within a month.

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: Cthulhu Unbound 3

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