Croquis by E. S. Coakley tells the story of God’s desire to create man and Lucifer’s consuming jealousy that led to his eventual fall from grace.

In Coakley’s work, in spite of His glorious creations, God’s Son yearns for companionship. Pleased with the majestic beauty of the earth, the dinosaurs and surrounded by angels, He still feels a longing for a different kind of relationship. With this in mind, He desires to create man, a being unlike any other and God’s perfect complement.

However, His desire causes a rift within the Trinity as God the Father is now faced with a horrible choice: deny His Son’s request and see Him lonely and unhappy for all eternity or grant His request and deal with His own heartbreak when His Son must pay the ultimate price to save His beloved creation.

Meanwhile, God’s desire for human companionship is noted by the angels and causes deep resentment in Lucifer, once one of God’s most beloved companions and now, seemingly, an afterthought. Filled with jealousy, Lucifer rebels against God, setting the biblical account of man’s temptation in motion and resulting in everlasting enmity between himself and his Creator.

“My aim is to give readers a glimpse of the Holy Trinity behind the scenes,” Coakley says. “The book allows readers to witness a version of the dramatic events that took place in Heaven, including Lucifer’s thirst for power and rebellion and God’s longing to create man.”

Intended to entertain and offer respectful homage to biblical texts, the book offers a dramatic version of pre-creation events that further explains the relationships between God, man, His Son and the angels. Written for fans of religious and mainstream fiction, the book is designed to be enjoyed by readers of all backgrounds and faith perspectives.

E. S. Coakley is a novelist, screenwriter and photographer. Her first notable publication was a fictional narrative in a major New York newspaper at age 12. Coakley went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree from State University of New York at Stony Brook. Coakley is the author of the 2010 science fiction/romance novel The Specimen and penned the screenplay for the 2008 horror film The Spirit Room. She has also worked as a technical writer for a major technology corporation and as a photographer for clients in the film and education industries. When she is not writing, Coakley enjoys singing and playing her guitars.

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