Creatues of The PoolPS Publishing has made the paperback of Ramsey Campbell’s Creatures of the Pool available for preorder. The book is expected to be officially released in September.

Description: The calls on the radio are all about tunnels. Someone whose grandfather was involved in digging the first of the pair that take roads under the river says attempts were made to block up the excavations. The bosses accused the workmen of trying to prolong the job, but some of her grandfather’s colleagues insisted the tunnel had been blocked from within. The wife of a worker at the sorting office on Copperas Hill reveals that the postmen are loath to use the tunnel that links the office to Lime Street Station. Perhaps it’s a tale to frighten new recruits, since the veterans say the lights in the tunnel sometimes fail, unless they’re switched off as a prank, at which point you may realise you have company that doesn’t need to see you to find you, because you’ll hear its whisper in your ear before you encounter its wet flabby touch…

Gavin Meadows gives guided tours of Liverpool. Some of his stories are based on history and some on local legends. As a summer of rainstorms and redevelopment overtakes the city, his research starts to disinter the true nature of the place. What originally brought settlers to the Pool? What used to take place in the cellars of Liverpool’s Whitechapel? Why did Joseph Williamson, the Mole of Edge Hill, construct a maze of underground tunnels only to brick them up? What drove Virginia Woolf’s uncle mad in Liverpool as he summed up a prosecution for murder? As Gavin and his partner Lucinda delve deeper they’re confronted by the truth behind the legends and encounter what has always lived under the city. At the end, what will come up from the dark?

You can preorder directly from PS Publishing for £6.99 here: Creatures of the Pool

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