snowblindSo, you’re a budding filmmaker looking to make a splash.  Well, it’s your lucky day.  Renowned author Christopher Golden is looking for someone to make a trailer for his book Snowblind, due to be released in January, 2014.  If this is something that piques your interest, then please read on.  The information below is from the website:

How Christopher Golden & Guest Judges Will Choose:

Christopher Golden & Guest Judges will select from all qualified submissions with special consideration for the top voted entries. A qualified submission is one which meets all the Terms & Conditions, Guidelines and Official Rules.


– Participants must join using an active email address so if chosen they can be easily contacted
– Participants must have a complete Talenthouse portfolio (work, social media links, website, etc.)
– Video should be uploaded via YouTube or Vimeo
– Video should be a maximum length of 1:00 minute
– The end shot of the trailer must provide the publication information for the book, including title, book image provided and the publication information:


By Christopher Golden

 On Sale

 January 21, 2014

Wherever Books Are Sold

Choose one of the three options listed below:
1. Create a scene from pages 28-30 (download excerpt above) featuring Cherie, her dog, and the iceman
2. Create a scene from pages 48-51 (download excerpt above) featuring Isaac looking out the window at the ice men dancing in the snow in his yard, with Jake not believing him.
3. Entrants are invited to create their own scenes or images inspired by a provided sample from Snowblind. These original trailers should capture the tone of the novel.

For example…

– A woman sitting on her bed with the covers drawn up, hugging her knees, staring in terror at the window with the wind rattling the glass, snow piling up against it or pelting it.
– A woman smoking a cigarette outside a bar at night with the snow falling. She hears a sound,turns, looks terrified.

– An anchor reads the news about the blizzard and what happened twelve years ago and then the power goes out and you hear the whistling of the wind as “snow” whips across the screen, perhaps suggesting the image of evil features looking in.

The presence of the snowstorm/blizzard may suggest digital effects but they are not required. Entrants may devise their own approach to representing the ominous presence of the storm and the fear of the townspeople. Judges will consider many factors, including imagination and ingenuity.

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