Confessions of the ImpalerAuthor: Vincenzo Bilof

Publisher: Christbait Rehab (Dynatox Ministries)

Release Date: December 2013

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Inside the mind of the real Dracula…

Lies about Vlad Dracul III have been spread throughout Europe by his enemies, but his love for Wallachia, his home and kingdom, remains strong. A monk has been sent by the Vatican to investigate these rumors in a Hungarian prison, where the man called Tepes, or Impaler, sleeps. Surrounded by the impaled corpses of insects and animals in his cell, the real Dracula is a devoted servant of God whose atrocities have been committed in the name of justice. In Wallachia, there shall be no poverty, no thievery, no lies… Only the blood of the guilty, and the rotting corpses of the Infidels. No depravity is unworthy of God when it comes to preserving the dream of a free Wallachia.

The Impaler’s confessions. An exploration of a genocidal mind.

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